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Shoulder Surgeons Specializing in French Technique

At some point in your life you may find yourself in need of some sort of surgery. Through certain sports or even just old age, your shoulders may give way and you need surgery specifically on your shoulder. If this happens, it is important to see a specialist in the field and the techniques used by the French shoulder surgery is among the best out there.

This by no means you need to fly out to France to consult with a doctor. Fortunately, there are surgeons right here in the US who have spent the time and trained with some of the best doctors to perfect their procedures. You don’t have to go to specialist, but, the results you will see in your life if you do are unparalleled.

Like with other surgeries, you don’t always have an option as to the procedure and how it is done. If taking your shoulder injury to a specialist, you are more likely to be able to have certain procedures done in a less invasive way. They have spent their medical career perfecting everything that has to do with the shoulder and how to maneuver it, therefore allowing them to possibly perform surgeries arthroscopically.

One of these procedures in known as the Latarjet procedure. This surgery is done for a few different reasons but mainly being due to bone loss in the shoulder joint causing frequent shoulder dislocations. But, bone loss isn’t always the only reason for shoulder dislocations, especially if you play certain contact sports. Normal recovery time from this procedure is 6 weeks and the only long-term side effect would be your external rotation range would be limited.

If performed by a normal surgeon, this procedure is still able to be done, but most likely will be an open surgery. This means the surgeon makes a large incision to do the surgery. This will most likely cause longer recovery times. Fortunately, with surgeons specifically trained in shoulder surgery this could possibly be done arthroscopically using a must smaller incision and cutting down the recovery time significantly. The recovery for the surgery itself will remain the same at 6 weeks, but when it comes to the stitches involved for the incision that was made, that will be shorter.

Everyone is different in what they need or require from their doctor in certain situations in their life. But, if you find yourself needing certain surgeries you may want to spend a little more time doing some research. You’d be surprised how many surgeons have trained in very specific areas. Just like neurosurgeons are trained to specifically work on areas in the brain, there are many other specialized surgeons available. So, even though it may be easier to just have the surgery performed by a general surgeon, it may benefit you more to see a specialist. They have worked and trained for years trying to perfect the way they perform surgeries in the least invasive ways that will put the patient back on their feet faster.…