I Am Almost Ready for College

I really got pretty lucky when it came to my need to get some money saved up for college. I have all the scholarship and grant money that I can get, but I did not think for a moment that would be enough for me to last very long. I had a beat up old Ford pick up truck and my father had a good lawn mower. He knew these two Sacramento chiropractors that had fixed up his back after he got hurt at work some time ago and he talked the two of them into letting me take care of their yards. At first I just expected that to be something I would do on top of having a regular job, but it paid well and I managed to expand enough so that I was pretty busy. The big thing was that I was being paid cash, which means that the government does not start deducting for income tax and social security and all of that other stuff.

I am sort of thinking about selling my pick up truck, since it is not that great of a vehicle and it is really not going to be a big help to me while I am on campus. So long as it is warm I am better off using a bike, because you can always park one of those pretty much right in front of where you are going. With a car you might spend ten or twenty minutes looking for a space to park in, and end up parking a 10 minute walk away from where you need to be. If it is bad weather I would take the bus, again they let you off right in front of the place and you walk directly into sit down and study.