I Am Doing More Now Than Ever Before

I had never used the services of a Sacramento chiropractor before, but I decided to go ahead and take advantage of a free consultation for a local chiropractor. My friend is the one who told me about it because she is a patient there herself. When she found out that new patients can go free for their first visit, she told me she automatically thought of me. She knows that I have problems with my lower back and legs, and she figured that chiropractic care could help me just as well as it could anyone else.

I went because I was hoping she was right. I was tired of always hurting. I am still pretty active but I definitely pay for it. I take my two dogs for at least a three mile walk every day, and I try to ride my bicycle at least once every couple of weeks. I go to a trail and usually ride for at least ten miles or so. Like I said, I do pay for being this active, but I don’t want to give in to the pain and just sit home all day long when I am not working.

I can only imagine how I would feel if I didn’t stay active too. The chiropractor pretty much told me the same thing. He said it is good that I am trying to stay active, but he asked me how I felt about getting even more active if my body would cooperate. I thought it sounded wonderful, and he put together a treatment plan for me that mostly included adjustments on my back. I don’t understand how or why they work, but I can say with the utmost confidence that they do what he promised. I am no longer in pain, and I am doing more now than I ever have before.