I Have Almost Healed Up

It is pretty obvious that football is a tough game and I caught a pretty bad hit in the fourth game of the season. I was well aware of what was wrong, my back hurt me really bad and I could not really do too much without it hurting me. I looked like I was ninety years old when I walked, but after a bit I realized that there was not too much that a doctor could do and I had to go see Petaluma chiropractor after I decided that was the best course of action. At any rate I am feeling a great deal better now, but they have me doing rehab. The doctors tell me that I should probably give up football though, they think that my back is compromised by something that I did not really understand that well. So far it has gone to the plan and I am really happy about the way things are going right now.

In fact a doctor really is not a great help for a back problem. That is easy when you are thinking about the things they can do and what can result from that. If they give you pain pills, then you are not going to be cured. Instead you are just covering up the problem and it is still there, but you are real likely to end up with more problems. I am sort of afraid of that sort of thing, especially as I have known people who started out with a prescription and ended up addicted to the opiods. Then after that you have the option of surgery which is not going to be a very good option for you, not unless you have something that can not be fixed any other way. The potential for disaster is too great.