I Totaled That Old Car

It is sort of ironic, since the wreck happened on Curtner Avenue within sight of this building called the Spectrum Health Center. I had driven by the place about a thousand times at least without ever knowing that it belonged to some San Jose chiropractor and that I would end up laying on the table. In fact I did know that you really want to make a good decision when you do that, since there is a small chance that you may not get up off of that table. Things can get bad and they can go seriously bad when there is some random guy moving bones around in your spine. I did what I could to figure out that this was the best choice and I ended up almost within sight of the place where it started out. The people there were really nice and that was good since I was extremely nervous. They fixed it up pretty good, which means that I can give up eating so many Advil every day.

I sort of came out lucky in some ways. The very day before that drunken idiot hit that car and totaled it, I had learned that the thing needed about as much work done to it as it was worth. The car is what you call a beater, which means that it is the sort of car that you drive until the wheels fall off and it was right there on the edge. If the guy had not crashed into me I likely would have sold it for scrap metal rather than putting more money in it than it was worth. The insurance guy probably knew this, but he gave me a check for what it was worth if it was in running condition without knowing it barely was.